Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Christic: so... it's religion, isn't it?

Hi dear readers, walking partners. How are you today? I hope all right. I think it is important to make it very clear some important aspects of our message.
Christ and Jesus are not the same. Christ is the Earth regent. He/she is also a big brother/sister in the infinite way to God and therefore his extremely high frequency does not allow to reincarnate in the Earth. There is no point as well. Jesus, Buda, Krishna, Zoroaster, Moses and so on were his mediums    designated to pass his message through different cultures and in different times.
If you look at anyone of these great people you see the message was the same, adapted only to the comprehension degree and cultural background of each one's audience. No one of them were fully understood. They were messengers in charge of sowing not reaping. The individual 'success' of each one is relative but in the overall were able to spread the Christ main message.
However all the current problem resides in the manner we interpret and live those messages.
The religions as human institutions distorted much of the original message. These evolved souls never meant to found a church or religion, instead to awake the human being to the superior life and to dominate the inferior feelings.
Let's take ownership of our development and live in harmony with ourselves and the neighbors.
Thanks for you to be here reading. Just doing that you help our psychosphere* to vibrate better.
Keep well,

* also referred as egregore

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