Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Let's give a call?

What about give a call to somebody we care about but we've not seen for a while to say something, hello or how friends you are, or that you love her/him, whatever reason.

Spread a little bit your positive vibration and you'll see the world will start to flourish.

I personally thank you very much! 


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Monday, October 27, 2014

Week's positive vibration theme: Joy of living

Theme of the day 29.10.2014: Joy of living. To cultivate joy in the soul is to illuminate the life and attract prosperity. Living with joy, even in the face of life's adversities, is also investing in life balance and serenity, because joy is the first step to gain and maintain the physical, mental and spiritual health. To achieve conquer a sincere state of joy one must learn how to live the life with more lightness, in a better mood. Learn to smile more, love more, accept more and to never give up. You must learn to stay away from illusions, living with a clear conscience, to understand the meanings of life and the path of self-knowledge. Knowing exactly who we are, or getting as close to it as possible, we are each day closer to reality and also to the truth. And the truth set you free! Try it!
Remember: the persistence leads to the excellence!
Dear brothers/sisters, the joy actitude we conquer through the inner peace, what means to know and to practice the good to ourselves and to our neighbors, to respect the differences and to know we need each other a lot and all attitude of indifference, omission or breakdown can lead to violence and undermine the harmony and balance.
Joy of life is a respect attitude for life and trust in the higher plane that runs on our evolutionary path.
So let's be brothers/sisters who respect life and spread hope, with our spontaneous joy of living, assisting progress, instructing each other whenever possible and necessary, and working for the improvement of our political, religious, cultural, sports, educational and social of all genres.
Knowing the importance of the joy of living soar to more and more people awaken to the true purpose of life on Earth and encourage, through self-knowledge and the Christic virtues, your energy of joy in the soul, thus attracting light, understanding, wisdom and prosperity for themselves and others. Peace, light and joy to all !!!
Have you ever thought about changing the world? You are not alone ... We meet every Wednesday from 22h to 22h15, each of which is, in a symbolic gesture, dedicating time - is a prayer, a moment of silence or meditation in 15 official minutes, as you prefer - in a reflection on topics published weekly and, when put into practice in our daily life can transform our lives. Furthermore, the aim is to give our joint energies to High Spirituality of the Earth, so that the same use in the best way, as a contribution to bring peace and balance to the planet. Do not ask more than you can give. The earth and its inhabitants thanks! :-) For more information visit the link:!__vibracao-coletiva Invite your friends and help us spread the word!

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Basic Principles of Christic Universalism

The basic principles are:

I- Love your neighbor as yourself seeking to cultivate the true Christic virtues unconditionally and directly reflecting the love of the Creator himself.

II- The belief in reincarnation and karma, for without these principles there is no divine justice.

III- The relentless pursuit of spiritual wisdom associated with philosophical and scientific progress with the aim of promoting the integral development of humanity.

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Princípios Básicos do Universalismo Crístico



Os princípios básicos são:

I- O amor ao próximo como a si mesmo buscando cultivar as virtudes crísticas de forma verdadeira e incondicional refletindo diretamente o amor do próprio Criador.

II- A crença na reencarnação do espírito e do carma, pois sem esses princípios não existe justiça divina.

III- A busca incessante pela sabedoria espiritual aliada ao progresso filosófico e científico com o objetivo de promover a evolução integral da humanidade.


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Thank you!

Dear Father/Mother, I would like to thank you so much! I still cannot tell you but you know me better than myself, all the progress I've achieved, all the faults I've done. You know all my very feelings, I never feel alone, I know every moment you are with me. I know I have big brothers/sisters that look after me because they awake for you before me. Thanks again because they encourage me all the time. Thanks for the yesterday, for the present and for tomorrow when I can try make it better again. Good night Mother/Father!

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Geoengenharia (portuguese version)

O que é geoengenharia?

Texto extraído do site:

"A geo-engenharia visa, através da manipulação dos padrões climáticos, neutralizar o aquecimento global, através de mecanismos artificiais de controle da incidência de radiação solar sobre a superfície terrestre e do sequestro do CO2 atmosférico."

Ao que devemos estar 'antenados', questões que devem ser feitas:

- Preservação da saúde pública e do meio-ambiente

- Esta é a abordagem correta?

- A quem interessa?

- O que podemos fazer?

Se informe sobre o assunto, discuta com amigos e familiares. 

Abraços fraternos! Rafael

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Doesn't matter the place / Operario da Paz

Doesn't matter the place our Father/Mother is always with us. He/she created the universe and is present all over. The supreme inteligence created multiple worlds in multiple frequencies which overlap each other. What is bellow is above means what is in the macrocosmos is in the microcosmos and the other way round.

We are never alone, I mean it. Our friends from now or from other ages, living here or in another density level, doesn't matter, once tuned in the same frequency we are tuned.

Let's keep the positive vibration and avoid vicious thoughts and behaviors.

Keep well, Rafael

Inspired on "Não importa o lugar" (Operario da Paz)

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Mind / JMZ

This week theme “The Power of thought” calls us to think about the mind’s power. This incredible power can be used either in its total potentiality to create the reality or the opposite way to silence mind and explore the peaceful life without thoughts. In Portuguese language the word “mind” (mente) has at least two possibilities to be used, one to define mind and another meaning for the same word (mente) is lie; perhaps in Spanish as well. This is a notable fact to understand the nature of mind and how to use it.

Distinguishable differences will be experienced if we give the lying side of our mind the dominium over our life, and probably the majority of our experiences with mind are about lying and it means illusion. Our mind is master of illusion, all the time she or he is guiding us through our thoughts for different things, doesn’t give us time to focus or reflect seriously about its nature and consequences: “why I’m thinking it just now”; “why I’m dialoguing with my thoughts, asking and answer them”; “why I insist to think all the time about what is not happening in the present moment, but about future or past situations”; and so on.

Try to observe your mind sometimes, ask yourself about your thoughts and look around to identify sometimes the origin of daydreams.




Let's say your name says it all,

Being female there is no doubt of his ability

When young is more open, almost can be mastered

The child can say it does not exist

The elderly over time learns more from her than to use

And the vast majority of us played every day in your world,

Relentlessly to live and charged to perfect it

A small minority becomes master and ultimately rise above it

Some create certain symbiosis and so go on day-by-day

Others do not even remember that it exists and follow

The mass follows perfecting it

Making it almost a weapon in untrained hands

Sometimes without realizing the weapon turns against self

Sometimes it injures, it hurts, destroys, teaches ...

Can build nations, show paths and exterminate lives

Do not expect her benevolence

She is ready to be used and experienced,

But is not ready to forgive or be erased

You can tame it or leave it tame you

She is not responsible for misuse

And only the user is responsible for their results,

While others often suffer the consequences

She is so dubious, as attitudes or decisions

You can complain about it or learn from it

One cannot ignore it, the price may be high

Verb or noun, no matter, her power is immense!



JMZ, SP 25/04/2010

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Time / Operario da Paz

The time

To several situations the time is the best medicine. There is nothing like a day after another. What concerns us today will vanish tomorrow. The time can heal the deepest bruises. The time is wise it makes the pain goes away. The storm does not last forever and after the night will be always a dawn bringing hope to our lives. 

Adapted from "O Tempo", Author: Operario da Paz

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Christic: so... it's religion, isn't it?

Hi dear readers, walking partners. How are you today? I hope all right. I think it is important to make it very clear some important aspects of our message.
Christ and Jesus are not the same. Christ is the Earth regent. He/she is also a big brother/sister in the infinite way to God and therefore his extremely high frequency does not allow to reincarnate in the Earth. There is no point as well. Jesus, Buda, Krishna, Zoroaster, Moses and so on were his mediums    designated to pass his message through different cultures and in different times.
If you look at anyone of these great people you see the message was the same, adapted only to the comprehension degree and cultural background of each one's audience. No one of them were fully understood. They were messengers in charge of sowing not reaping. The individual 'success' of each one is relative but in the overall were able to spread the Christ main message.
However all the current problem resides in the manner we interpret and live those messages.
The religions as human institutions distorted much of the original message. These evolved souls never meant to found a church or religion, instead to awake the human being to the superior life and to dominate the inferior feelings.
Let's take ownership of our development and live in harmony with ourselves and the neighbors.
Thanks for you to be here reading. Just doing that you help our psychosphere* to vibrate better.
Keep well,

* also referred as egregore

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Christic Universalism #1

The religions are not mistaken but obsolete...

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On going

Hi brothers and sisters, good night! We are working hard to bring to you messages in English. We ask you forgive us in advance, neither of the current blog contributors are native english speakers. However we felt the call to share with you what has been a reality to us for while.
Our live is much more than what our 5 senses can tell, the world is much more that what we can see.
This space is meant to be ours so please feel free to contribute.
Te majority of our previous work is in portuguese and we leave here the link just in case.
PS: the old blog name "audiolivroespirita..." is no longer part of our believes. Our current purpose is free of any religion and linked to the self spiritual development. Spiritual here is the integral live it self.
We wish you peace and happiness!

Friday, October 3, 2014

First English Christic Universalism message

Hi dear audience. We are going to broadcast English messages from now on. Even the initial colaborators are not mother tonge English speakers we are commited to deliver a love, peace and tolerance message to our brothers that relies on English as a 1st or second language. Thanks in advance for your comprehension on our English mistakes. Have a nice day, enjoy your life! Rafael

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

First Post in English

Hi dear visitor! We've just started today our account and blog here. Take a look on our mp3/mp4 site. Most of the material we have so far is in portuguese but we intend to start publishing in English very soon. Thanks for your visit!