Monday, October 27, 2014

Week's positive vibration theme: Joy of living

Theme of the day 29.10.2014: Joy of living. To cultivate joy in the soul is to illuminate the life and attract prosperity. Living with joy, even in the face of life's adversities, is also investing in life balance and serenity, because joy is the first step to gain and maintain the physical, mental and spiritual health. To achieve conquer a sincere state of joy one must learn how to live the life with more lightness, in a better mood. Learn to smile more, love more, accept more and to never give up. You must learn to stay away from illusions, living with a clear conscience, to understand the meanings of life and the path of self-knowledge. Knowing exactly who we are, or getting as close to it as possible, we are each day closer to reality and also to the truth. And the truth set you free! Try it!
Remember: the persistence leads to the excellence!
Dear brothers/sisters, the joy actitude we conquer through the inner peace, what means to know and to practice the good to ourselves and to our neighbors, to respect the differences and to know we need each other a lot and all attitude of indifference, omission or breakdown can lead to violence and undermine the harmony and balance.
Joy of life is a respect attitude for life and trust in the higher plane that runs on our evolutionary path.
So let's be brothers/sisters who respect life and spread hope, with our spontaneous joy of living, assisting progress, instructing each other whenever possible and necessary, and working for the improvement of our political, religious, cultural, sports, educational and social of all genres.
Knowing the importance of the joy of living soar to more and more people awaken to the true purpose of life on Earth and encourage, through self-knowledge and the Christic virtues, your energy of joy in the soul, thus attracting light, understanding, wisdom and prosperity for themselves and others. Peace, light and joy to all !!!
Have you ever thought about changing the world? You are not alone ... We meet every Wednesday from 22h to 22h15, each of which is, in a symbolic gesture, dedicating time - is a prayer, a moment of silence or meditation in 15 official minutes, as you prefer - in a reflection on topics published weekly and, when put into practice in our daily life can transform our lives. Furthermore, the aim is to give our joint energies to High Spirituality of the Earth, so that the same use in the best way, as a contribution to bring peace and balance to the planet. Do not ask more than you can give. The earth and its inhabitants thanks! :-) For more information visit the link:!__vibracao-coletiva Invite your friends and help us spread the word!

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