Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mind / JMZ

This week theme “The Power of thought” calls us to think about the mind’s power. This incredible power can be used either in its total potentiality to create the reality or the opposite way to silence mind and explore the peaceful life without thoughts. In Portuguese language the word “mind” (mente) has at least two possibilities to be used, one to define mind and another meaning for the same word (mente) is lie; perhaps in Spanish as well. This is a notable fact to understand the nature of mind and how to use it.

Distinguishable differences will be experienced if we give the lying side of our mind the dominium over our life, and probably the majority of our experiences with mind are about lying and it means illusion. Our mind is master of illusion, all the time she or he is guiding us through our thoughts for different things, doesn’t give us time to focus or reflect seriously about its nature and consequences: “why I’m thinking it just now”; “why I’m dialoguing with my thoughts, asking and answer them”; “why I insist to think all the time about what is not happening in the present moment, but about future or past situations”; and so on.

Try to observe your mind sometimes, ask yourself about your thoughts and look around to identify sometimes the origin of daydreams.




Let's say your name says it all,

Being female there is no doubt of his ability

When young is more open, almost can be mastered

The child can say it does not exist

The elderly over time learns more from her than to use

And the vast majority of us played every day in your world,

Relentlessly to live and charged to perfect it

A small minority becomes master and ultimately rise above it

Some create certain symbiosis and so go on day-by-day

Others do not even remember that it exists and follow

The mass follows perfecting it

Making it almost a weapon in untrained hands

Sometimes without realizing the weapon turns against self

Sometimes it injures, it hurts, destroys, teaches ...

Can build nations, show paths and exterminate lives

Do not expect her benevolence

She is ready to be used and experienced,

But is not ready to forgive or be erased

You can tame it or leave it tame you

She is not responsible for misuse

And only the user is responsible for their results,

While others often suffer the consequences

She is so dubious, as attitudes or decisions

You can complain about it or learn from it

One cannot ignore it, the price may be high

Verb or noun, no matter, her power is immense!



JMZ, SP 25/04/2010

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