Monday, January 19, 2015

Act or React / JMZ

Act or React


There is a moment where you can decide to act or to react

In such moment you will be entitled to act or react

Often you have to decide to act or react

No matter you are, no matter you think you are

No matter the position you've been


Act or react can be a subtle difference

But the consequences won't be so subtle

Conscientiously or not to the subtle difference

Conscientiously or not to the consequences

In both cases you have to suffer its costs


No matter you think

To act means presence and acknowledgment

To react not always, but both attitudes have consequences

And equally price to pay

One might wish a prize for paying a price


Then starts the differences

The price becomes a prize

And the prize converts in a loan

In both cases interest will be involved

The rate depends on the attraction to the prize


Somebody wish a prize to act or react

One could think that prize is linked of a price

But there is no correlation between them

The award of the first moment becomes a burden to carry

And the losses could be a stepwise to a prize


Act or react are synchronized

Consciousness recognition of its correlation

The keys for the freedom to operate

Don't think to act

Don't react without think



JMZ – Alemanha 14/11/2014

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